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2014 SEASON (September 30 - November 13, 2013)

Please note that the schedule below is per Daniel Watson.  ALL times are approximate.  Also, the schedule is subject to change due to weather, etc., so you can double check by monitoring this webpage or calling Daniel at 713 348-8864. 

Mon 9/30 3:00 pm 4:00 pm McDowell, Fox, Teykl, McCarthy, Williamson, Rutter
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower
Tues 10/1 6:30 pm 8:30 pm McCanna, Duplantier, C. Smith, A. Orewiler, N. Orewiler, McNair, McElligott
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower
Wed 10/2     Off day
Thu 10/3     Practice only
Fri 10/4 3:00 pm 4:00 pm McDowell, Fox, Teykl, McCarthy, Williamson, Rutter
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower
Sat 10/5  2:00 pm 4:00 pm McCanna, Duplantier, C Smith, A Orewiler, N Orewiler, McNair, McElligott
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower
Sun 10/6      bOWLmaha 2013 at Bowlmor Houston from 6 pm to 8 pm
Mon 10/7 2:30 pm   Practice only
Tue 10/8   4:45 pm Fox, Teykl, McCarthy, McDowell, Lemond
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower
Wed 10/9   4:10 pm Rutter, Williamson, McCanna, Duplantier, A Orewiler, N Orewiler, McNair, McElligott, Smith
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower
Thu 10/10     Off day
Fri 10/11     Practice only
Sat 10/12      Off day
Sun 10/13     Exhibition Game vs Sam Houston St at 12:30 pm
Rice Recap l Unofficial recap by Roger Tower
Mon 10/14     Off day
Tue 10/15   2:45 pm Smith, McDowell, N Orewiler, Teykl, McCanna, A Orewiler, McElligott 
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower 
Wed 10/16   2:50 pm Duplantier, Fox, McCarthy, Lemond, Rutter, Stephens, Williamson
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower 
Thu 10/17     Off day
Fri 10/18     Light practice only
Sat 10/19     Exhibition Game vs Lamar at Reckling Park at 1 pm 
Fox, McCarthy, Lemond, Teykl, McDowell, McCanna, Rutter, Stephens and A Orewiler
Rice Recap l Unofficial recap by Roger Tower 
Sun 10/20     Off day
Mon 10/21   4:45 pm Duplantier, A Orewiler, Smith, N Orewiler, WIlliamson , McElligott
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower 
Tue 10/22     Off day
Wed 10/23   4:30 pm McDowell, Teykl, Rutter, McCanna
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower 
Thu 10/24   4:30 pm Fox, McCarthy, Lemond, Stephens
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower 
Fri 10/25     Off day
Sat 10/26   11:30 am Duplantier, A Orewiler, Smith, Williamson, N Orewiler
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower 
Sun 10/27     Off day 
Mon 10/28   4:00 pm McCanna, McDowell, Teykl, Rutter
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower 
Tue 10/29     Practice only
Wed 10/30     Off day
 Pumpkin 10/31     Practice only
Fri 11/1   4 - 4:15 pm Third Annual Rice Alumni Baseball Lecture with Becky Wade at R Room at 6 pm
Fox, Duplantier, C Smith, A Orewiler
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower 
Sat 11/2     Alumni Baseball Game at noon
RBI Club Baseball Awards Banquet on the field at Reckling Park at 6 pm
Sun 11/3 2 pm 4 pm McCarthy, McCanna, N Orewiler, Rutter 
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower 
Mon  11/4 2:30 pm 4 - 4:30 pm Teykl, McDowell, Lemond, Stephens, McNair, McElligott
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower
Tue 11/5     Practice only
Wed 11/6     Off day 
Thu 11/7 2:30 pm 4 - 4:30 pm Smith, Duplantier, Mason
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower
Fri 11/8 2:30 pm 4 - 4:30 pm Fox, A Orewiler, Rutter, Williamson, McElligott
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower
Sat 11/9 10 am 12 pm N Orewiler, McCanna, Teykl, McDowell
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower
Sun 11/10     Off day
Mon 11/11 2:30 pm 4 - 4:30 pm Williamson, Rutter, Mason
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower 
Tue 11/12     Longball Classic
Wed 11/13 2:30 pm 4:00 pm Duplantier, Smith
Unofficial recap by Roger Tower 

Rosters are available here.
Unofficial final cumulative statistics by Roger Tower are available here
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