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RUBPA seeks to provide a means by which alumni of the baseball program of Rice University are able to remain connected to the players with whom they once played, to the program for which they once played, and the university they once attended. RUBPA seeks to provide an infrastructure through which alumni of the baseball program of Rice University are able to advance one another professionally as well as the program financially and in local and national recognition.

After leaving Rice University and the baseball program at graduation a few things rapidly become apparent. First of all, no matter what you do in life you will owe much of your success to having attended this university and having played in this program. Secondly, you will realize that as a former student-athlete you owe Rice University twice – once for being allowed to be a student and once for being allowed to be an athlete. Next, you’ll ask yourself, “What can I do to add some value to my degree and to my letters?” This is what happened to us. RUBPA is how we answered that last question.

So, what does RUBPA do? Our aim, first and foremost, is to facilitate communication between former players and other former players, former players and the athletic department, former players and the university, the university and the athletic department and on and on.

RUBPA exists as a satellite organization putting its weight behind established organizations. We educate former players about the R Association, Owl Club and other university resources, invite people to join the RBI Club, and generally spread the word about any and every event concerning this program and its former players.

RUBPA is not asking for any membership dues. If you played one game in a Rice uniform, coached one game, or served as a student manager for one game you are automatically a member.  But you do need to register with RUBPA here.

Coach Graham has often said that there are three things that have put our program on level ground with Stanford and Texas: 1) Reckling Park, 2) need-based financial aid, and 3) the RBI Club. Those things have caught us up. RUBPA is a chance for us to lead the pack. No one else has this. Stanford doesn’t have it. Texas doesn’t have it.

Imagine a stand-out high school pitcher trying to decide between Texas and Rice. Both schools have a storied program. Both are good schools. Now, imagine Coach Graham looking that kid and his parents in the eye and saying, “You ought to take a look at this website and see what our former players are doing.” Just imagine telling a kid that if he doesn’t get a shot at the pros he will graduate from Rice University, immediately join a life-long support group, and be privy to the experience and knowledge of men that have sat on the boards of directors of public traded companies, headed their own law firms, started their own businesses, and run one of the nation’s largest university endowments, among other things.

Get behind RUBPA any way you can. Please register and get involved. Contact us to find out what you can do.


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