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The RBI CLUB, which stands for "Rice Baseball Insider", is the Sports Interest Group for Rice Athletics that supports the Rice baseball program through financial contributions.  Funds raised by the RBI CLUB enhance the program experience for our student athletes through providing better travel experiences, additional equipment, improved playing experiences and better facilities and marketing.  The RBI CLUB helps the coaches provide needed extras that allow the program to be viewed as second to no other school.  In addition, the benefits of RBI Club funding help encourage team camaraderie.  In short, RBI club membership is a wonderful way to play a part in supporting the student athletes and the Rice baseball program.

The cost of joining the RBI CLUB has no upper limits.  Membership dues are $1,000 or more per year for those 30 years of age or older and $500 or more per fiscal year for those under 30 years of age.  This annual payment allows you and one guest to attend Club functions, including a wonderful annual Awards Banquet  held during the fall ball season.  The Banquet is a real highlight each year!  You have the opportunity to meet every coach and player at the banquet and to hear from the wisest Owl of all, Coach Graham, who discusses his opinion of the team and upcoming season.  RBI Club gifts to members are distributed at the Awards Banquet so that you can proudly display them throughout the season.

A personal note from former RUBPA board members Steven Herce and Austin Davis:

"The RBI CLUB was formed half-way through our tenure at Rice and the difference was incredible.  When we traveled to San Jose, California, before the RBI CLUB we stayed in a very nice Embassy Suites with a Denny's across the street. There was not another restaurant within walking distance.  We would play a 7:00 game and get back to the hotel around 10:45, at which point we were cut loose until our midnight curfew.  The entire team headed over the Denny's."

"Once the money raised by the RBI CLUB was paying for team meals, we would return at 10:45 from our 7:00 game and shower up and head to Chili's for a team meal.  Forgetting the nutritional benefits for a minute, these team meals contributed greatly to team chemistry as well."

You can request more information on the RBI Club by emailing or calling Daniel Watson at 713 348-8864.

To join the RBI Club, please make your check payable as follows: Rice Baseball - RBI CLUB

Mail to:
Rice University Baseball
Attn: Daniel Watson, Director of Baseball Operations
6100 Main St, MS-547
Houston, Texas 77005

TAX DEDUCTIBLE: Please note that your donation will be tax deductible minus the value of the benefits assigned to your giving level.  You can waive the benefits, skip the banquet, and receive the entirety of your contribution as a tax credit.  Please contact Daniel Watson by email or phone at 713 348-8864 for more information.

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