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January 30, 2015

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Trivia Answer:
Rice basketball player Christal Porter has two uncles who played in the NFL, Rod McNeil for Tampa Bay and New Orleans and Fred McNeil for Minnesota.  Also, she is president of  SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) this year.

Way to go, John Wolda, Clarke Anderson, Bob Toone, Bev Schorre, Peter Fasullo, Bob Reinhold, Rick Sheridan, Rod Boane, Susan Zimmerman, James Thompson, Mike Ross, Betty Bixby, Bryant Wilkinson, Sallie Schwall, Ann Bixby and Guy Rollins!

Next trivia question next Tuesday!

January 29, 2015

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Trivia Question:
Name the current Rice basketball player with two uncles who played in the NFL.  Email your answer here.

January 28, 2015

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Guest Trivia Answer:
First, thanks to Jimmy Disch for the guest trivia question!

This month, Donald Allen’s son Chance transferred from Oregon to the University of Houston to play football.  A four-year baseball letterman (1988-89-91-92) and a two-year football letterman (1988-92) at Rice, he is presently Wharton High School baseball coach.  Tonight, Rice basketball plays at UH. 

Way to go, John Wolda, Donald Bowers, Jeff Farney, Kirwin Drouet, Peter Fasullo, Tom Stallings, Clarke Anderson, James Thompson, Bob Reinhold, Rick Sheridan, Mike Ross, Ted Richard, Rod Boane, Russell Henderson, Sallie Schwall, Bev Schorre, Ann Bixby, Betty Bixby, Bob Toone, Bryant Wilkinson, Barney McCoy and Guy Rollins!

Next trivia question tomorrow!

January 27, 2015

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Guest Trivia Question:
Name the four-year Rice baseball letterman whose son just transferred to the University of Houston to play football.  Email your answer here.

January 19, 2015

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2015 Trivia Contest:
The 2015 trivia contest will begin next Tuesday, January 27!

January 1, 2015

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Final 2014 Trivia Leaderboard:
After 92 questions (and 100 possible points), Peter Fasullo and Mike Ross finished the 2014 contest tied for first place with perfect scores each, followed by Ann Bixby in third place with 99 points.  As their prize, Peter, Mike and Ann will receive a baseball autographed by Brock Holt of the Boston Red Sox, thanks to Carrie Wall!

The rest of the 2014 Leaderboard (top ten plus ties) is comprised of Betty Bixby (97), Bryant Wilkinson and John Wolda (tied at 96), Bob Reinhold and Bev Schorre (tied at 95), Rod Boane (92) and Sallie Schwall (90).

Interestingly, three members of the Class of 1956 finished in the top 10:  Rod Boane, Bryant Wilkinson and John Wolda.  If you would like to know your point total, please email me.  Thanks to all for playing!

After a short break, the 2015 trivia contest will begin in January!

December 31, 2014

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Final Trivia Answer of the Year:
Sam Houston is the only American to be elected governor of two different States (Tennessee in 1827 and Texas in 1859).  Interestingly, he did not serve out the full term of either office.  In 1829, he resigned as Governor of Tennessee after his 19 year-old first wife left him very shortly after their marriage and in 1861 he was removed as Governor of Texas for refusing to accept secession to the Confederate States of America.  Read more. 

The Curator of Exhibits of the Sam Houston Memorial Museum in Huntsville is former Owl volleyball player Casey Roon de Pacheco ’97.  Also, Nancy Burch ‘61, a great, great granddaughter of Sam Houston, serves on the board of the Museum. 

Way to go, John Wolda, James Thompson, Bill Allison, Bob Toone, Donald Bowers, Gus Schill, Charley Landgraf, Joe Welsh, Mark Antweil, Jimmy Disch, Mike Rash, Steve Lukingbeal, Peter Fasullo, Bev Schorre, Jim Woodruff, Jay Barksdale, Kathleen Boyd, Rod Boane, Ann Bixby, Jack Pendergrast, Kirwin Drouet, Betty Bixby, Richard Avant, David Ownby, Frank Jones, Bryant Wilkinson, Jeff Farney, Guy Rollins, Steve Brown, Tom Stallings, Melinda Clark, Rick Gerlach, Nancy Burch, Fred Sklar, Sallie Schwall, Patti Fox, Bob Reinhold, Michelle Hicks, Mike Ross (an indirect relation), Dick Stephens, Rick Sheridan and Ted Richard!

Final 2014 Trivia Leaderboard tomorrow!

December 30, 2014

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Final Trivia Question of the Year:
Name the only American to be elected governor of two different States.  Email your answer here.

December 27, 2014

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Trivia Leaderboard (top ten plus ties):
99  Peter Fasullo, Mike Ross
98  Ann Bixby
96  Betty Bixby
95  Bryant Wilkinson, John Wolda
94  Bob Reinhold, Bev Schorre
91  Rod Boane
89  Sallie Schwall

December 24, 2014

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Christmas Week Trivia Answer:
Lance Wright, former North Pole (AK) HS wide receiver, is now on the Rice football roster.  Today, the Owls play Fresno State in the Hawaii Bowl.

Way to go, John Wolda, Ted Richard, Bob Toone, Ann Bixby, Bev Schorre, Peter Fasullo, Joe Welsh, Rod Boane, Kathleen Boyd, Jim Woodruff, Rick Sheridan, Bryant Wilkinson, Bob Reinhold, Guy Rollins, Barney McCoy, Sallie Schwall, Betty Bixby, Mike Ross, Kirwin Drouet and Steve Lukingbeal!

Trivia Leaderboard on Saturday and final trivia question of the year next Tuesday!
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